Disabling the e-Procurement Marketplace “Security Warning”

Hi e-Procurement users!

A while back we emailed instructions on disabling the “Security Warning” that pops up each and every time you log in to our e-Procurement Marketplace.

If you may have missed that email, ignored it, sent it straight to the trash or whatever; click the link below for the PDF instructions.

How to disable the warning popup

UPDATE: Looking for Deals!? Personal and Business?

UPDATE: Staples Coupons for the holidays can be found in the “Deals!” section!

Click the “Deals!” tab to find some great deals that as a Pace Student, Faculty or Staff can use for personal or business!

Or click here!

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Collaborative Purchasing: What kind of stuff do you need?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find out you could save some money by reading this blog?  Well this is your chance!

Leave your comments below on products, services or anything your department may need.  The Purchasing department will keep a running list and try to pair up matches.

Your comments can be as simple as: “NYC Chemistry looking for 3 inch test tubes”


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