Contracts – Q & A for Catering/Event Agreements

Do you have any questions regarding the use of the standard Catering/Event Pace Agreement? The following are some questions and answers, as well as additional information, that might help!

Q. When is the Catering/Event Agreement used?
A. The Catering/Event Agreement is used when conducting a Pace-sponsored event at an on-campus or off- campus location (includes agreements with restaurants, caterers, and agreements to reserve and/or purchase a block of rooms in a hotel).

Q. What contract form do I use?
A. Pace has a standard Catering/Event Rider. The Catering/Event Rider should be submitted with the Vendor’s contract. If the Vendor refuses to sign Pace’s Catering/Event Rider, submit the Vendor’s contract for legal review.

Q. What are the required documents for a Catering/Event Agreement?
A. The required documents depend on whether the Vendor will provide services on-campus or off-campus.

Required Documents –  On Campus

1.   Pace’s Standard “Catering/Event Rider” (with the Vendor’s contract)

2.   A Copy of the Vendor’s Certificate of Insurance

   General Liability amount should be at least $1 million

   Vendor should name Pace as “additional insured” and use Pace’s legal address: One Pace Plaza, New York, NY 10038

   Proof of Vendor’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance (at least $1 million) or Pace’s Worker’s Compensation Waiver Form

Required Documents –  Off Campus

1.   Pace’s Standard “Catering/Event Rider” (with the Vendor’s contract)


*Templates of Pace’s Consultant/Vendor Service Agreement can be found on the Finance and Administration webpage under “Contracts Administration”.

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