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Purchasing Funnies!

(Phones Ringing)

Mitch in Purchasing: Good morning Purchasing, how may I help you?

Salesman: Hi this is Mike from Top Flight Computer Monitors; do you know how I can save you almost 50% on computer monitors?

Mitch in Purchasing: Sure thing!

Salesman: Buy half the monitors from me this year than you bought last year…

 Just another day in Purchasing

Are you having difficulties remembering  your many user ids and passwords?  Do you often call the helpdesk to reset your E-Procurement password?  If so, we have a fix for your E-Procurement login woes.

Effective Friday, March 15th  there will be a new login page for E-Procurement.   The exciting news is this new login page authenticates using your MyPace Portal username and password!

What does this mean to you?  
The current login page url/site is changing to https://solutions.sciquest.com/apps/Router/SAMLAuth/Pace.  Also, the E-Procurement login link in MyPace Portal will be updated accordingly.

How will this affect you? 
If you use a bookmark or favorites link to access e-procurement, you will need to delete your existing bookmark/favorites link and create a new one to reference the new login page or access the new link from your MyPace Portal.

Do you have any questions regarding the use of the standard Catering/Event Pace Agreement? The following are some questions and answers, as well as additional information, that might help!

Q. When is the Catering/Event Agreement used?
A. The Catering/Event Agreement is used when conducting a Pace-sponsored event at an on-campus or off- campus location (includes agreements with restaurants, caterers, and agreements to reserve and/or purchase a block of rooms in a hotel).

Q. What contract form do I use?
A. Pace has a standard Catering/Event Rider. The Catering/Event Rider should be submitted with the Vendor’s contract. If the Vendor refuses to sign Pace’s Catering/Event Rider, submit the Vendor’s contract for legal review.

Q. What are the required documents for a Catering/Event Agreement?
A. The required documents depend on whether the Vendor will provide services on-campus or off-campus.

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Need assistance with any Consultant or Vendor Services agreements? Here are some questions to look at that might help!

Q. When do I use the Consultant/Vendor Services Agreement?
A. The Consultant/Vendor Services Agreement is used when an individual or company provides non-employee services to Pace.

Q. What contract form do I use?
A. If the Consultant/Vendor does not have their own contract, use Pace’s “Consultant/Vendor Agreement.” If the Consultant/Vendor has their own contract, use Pace’s “Rider to Service Agreement.” If the Consultant/Vendor refuses to sign Pace’s Rider, submit their contract for legal review without a Rider.

Q. What are the required documents for a Consultant/Vendor Services Agreement?
A. The required documents depend on whether the Consultant/Vendor is a corporate entity (i.e. Inc., LLC, PC) or not.

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Have a question about using Artistic Performance or Speaker Agreements? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions!

Q. When is the Speaker Agreement required for speakers?
A. The Speaker Agreement is required for speakers when one or both of the following apply:

  • If the speaker is represented by an agency;
  • If the speaker is a prominent and high risk figure (i.e. Bill Clinton, Maya Angelou)

If the speaker is not represented by an agency and is not a high risk figure, use Pace’s Honorarium Form.

Q. When is the Artistic Performance Agreement required for artists?
A. When one or both of the following apply:

  • The individual will provide services of an artistic, theatrical and/or musical nature;
  • An agency is providing/facilitating an artist/performer

Q. What are the required documents for Artistic Performance Agreements and Speaker Agreements?
A. The required documents depend on whether the Speaker/Artist is a corporate entity (i.e. Inc., LLC, PC):

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Marriott Hotels is offering the following discounts as part of its partnership with Pace University:

New York Marriott Downtown- 10% discount throughout the year off of our hotels selling rates, based on availability.
Ideally located in the heart of NYC’s Financial District, their downtown Manhattan hotel is perfect for business trips, weekend getaways or leisure travel alike.
For more information on the Marriott NYC, click here.

Tarrytown Courtyard- $104 discounted rate throughout the year, based on availability.
Their Courtyard Tarrytown Greenburgh Hotel is located 13 miles from the White Plains Airport (HPN) and 1 mile from Metro North Tarrytown train station.
For more information on the Marriott Tarrytown, click here.


Henry Schein, Inc. is the world’s largest provider for its company’s four business groups - Dental, Medical, International and Technology.   Through a centralized and automated distribution network, Henry Schein provides its costumers with a selection of more than 90,000 national and Henry Schein private-brand products in stock, as well as more than 100,000 additional products available as special-order items.

Highlights of the Pace Agreement through the E&I Cooperative Purchasing Group:

  • Core list of 1000 items
  • Overall catalog discount program
  • Free shipping (some exceptions)
  • Ease of ordering through the e-Procurement Marketplace


John Street Florist offers flower arrangements, centerpieces, and other items used for special occasions, delivering withing

the New York Metro Area.  Located in our E-Procurement system, you can choose from a number of standard arrangements already priced including delivery. You also have the option of calling John Street Florist at (212) 809 – 3360 for special orders, for which you must obtain a quote and fill out the form provided in E-Procurement.


The winner of the gift basket is DIANE DE MEO

The winners of the desk accessories are JEFF BLAISDELL and ANNA FISHMAN

Happy Holidays everyone, enjoy the break!

P.S. – I am working with mail services to get these over to you.  The boxes are big.

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Purchasing Funnies!

Salesperson:  This computer will cut your workload by 50%

Office Manager:  I’ll take two”

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